100% Wild Persimmon Leaves in tea bags

Persimmon leaf tea, sometimes called "persimmon punch," contains a higher level of health and nutritional benefits than other teas.  A study by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1980’s found that persimmon leaf tea contains a large quantity of Vitamin C, tannins, flavonoids, rutin, choline, carotenoids, and amino acids as well as well as magnesium, manganese, titanium, calcium, and phosphorous and other minerals. Scientific research has shown that drinking persimmon leaf tea promotes a healthy metabolism. Rutin helps prevent arteriosclerosis and flavonoids lower blood pressure and increase blood flow. 

Commonly served after traditional Asian meals as a digestion aid, persimmon tea is believed to alleviate symptoms of Acid Reflux. With its abundant Vitamin A and C it help prevent colds and strengthens the body’s immune system. Consistent intake is believed to help lower high blood pressure, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and other adult diseases. It’s also used for shedding a few pounds because it naturally accelerates your body’s metabolism and eliminates water retention.*

According to a study from Hebrew University "Eating one medium-sized persimmon a day is enough to help fight atherosclerosis." 

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Hankook Tea Company

Persimmon Leaf Tisane

Box of 32 tea bags

Hankook Tea Tisane (Herbal) Teas

Hankook has placed its wild persimmon leaves in convenient tea bags. Now you can sip this soothing tisane anywhere. Just submerge a bag in boiling water.

Cultivated for centuries in China, Japan and Korea and prized for their royal red-orange color glossy skin, persimmon trees have been used for their red succulent fruit and their healthful leaves. Abundant in nutrients, persimmon leaves are harvested from wild trees grown naturally in remote valleys deep in the mountains in early June. With its rich bouquet of comforting warmth, this tisane can help sooth stress of everyday life and provide a myriad of other nutritional benefits. Sweet at first, the tisane rounds out nicely at the back of the mouth and throat with a whisper of spiciness and a clean finish.

 Origin: South Korea

Liquor: Light honey

Taste: Sweet with a whisper of spiciness.




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Origin: Korea

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low fat
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heart smart
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non gmo

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